So Embarrassed…

In Life, Quilting by Lisa Burnett

Before we go into more of our Quilt Market experience, we though we would share a really, really embarrassing thing we did.

Several months ago, the sweet girls at Beach Garden Quilts offered to make us a floor mat for our booth from the Pure fabric.  We were so excited and couldn't wait to see it when we got to Minneapolis.  They brought it over to us on set-up day and it was so beautiful:


They design and sell the patterns for this and other mats.  It added so much to our booth and coordinated perfectly with our quilts.

Fast forward to the drive home.  Just before getting to Des Moines, my mom got to thinking about the mat and asked Susan if she rolled it up before loading it into the car.  Oops.  Not only did she not roll it up, she didn't load it into the car. She thought my mom got it because she didn't remember seeing it when loading everything out. 

Fortunately, I'm out of this, because I had to fly home early.  It doesn't matter whose fault it was, the whole thing is pretty mortifying.  My mom spent the next 8 hours of the ride home stewing about this situation.  Not only were we so sad we didn't take it home, we were worried that someone would pass by our empty booth with the floor mat still there and figure we didn't want it.

As soon as she got home, mom e-mailed Lynette and confessed the whole episode.  She couldn't of been nicer, but we are still sooooooo sorry.  Please help us to feel better by visiting their website and blog here.  You may even decide to make one of their floor mats- and that would make us feel even better!

We will give you more Quilt Market tomorrow, but just had to get this off our chest today!