Snow Day??????

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I am anticipating that I am going to be asked, "Are we going to have a snow day?" many times tonight
by my kids.  We are anticipating a big snow storm but it has not arrived yet and there is not a speck of snow on the ground.  I do hear the wind picking up so maybe just maybe it is blowing in right now.    I'm pulling for you kids and I hope I can tell you that its a SNOW DAY tomorrow – keep your fingers crossed!  

We do have our fabric kits ready for our project from the February label crew ready in our etsy shop

Tn_IMG_1489 copy

The kit includes the canvas, fabric, and even the cute covered buttons.  The best part is that the buttons are all ready covered for you!!!  

PLUS we added something else to our etsy shop – We will call it our 5 for 5.  Five fat quarters for $5.00.  Do you remember our line PURE?  We have cut some of our yardage into fat quarters and are putting them on our etsy shop - 

Tn_IMG_1485 copy

They will be sold in a bundle of 5 and will feature a variety of the fabrics shown above.  

Enjoy your evening!