Seven Steps To Valentines Day…

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

Today we are so excited to begin our new series for Valentine's Day (yes it is just about a month away!).  We have 7 steps that will make your holiday special. 

Step one is all about the countdown.  We all countdown to Christmas- why not Valentines Day?  Kids will love this in February just as much as they do in December.  Not only does today's project countdown to the big day, but it makes a great centerpiece or simple decoration for your home.

Tn_val tree1 
Tn_val tree2 
Tn_val tree3 
Tn_val tree4 

The kit includes the fabric, labels and patterns to complete 14 ornaments (1 for the first 14 days of February).  It does not, however, include the branches that are pictured.  We are sure you can handle this- just arrange some twigs in a cute container and you're finished.  If you want to take it a step further, try spray painting the twigs white for a different look.  As you can tell, we decided to skip that step and keep it "rustic" looking.   The kits are on our Etsy site now.  Check back tomorrow for Step 2 of our Valentine Series.

Just one more thing.  See that black and white sign that I intentionally blurred in the background of the photos?  I would love to share that with you- but it is one of about a million new projects that we are working on and we don't have all the details ironed out yet.  We will be introducing this and letting you know exactly what it is in the next few weeks- so check back, I'm super excited about it!