Road 15

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Finally!  Today we are showing you our new fabric for the first time.  But before we do, here is what inspired the collection.

If you regularly read our blog, you know that my mom and dad recently moved.  What you might not know that they moved from the house my family has called home since my dad was little.  More than 60 years ago.  The whole thing has been bittersweet for me- happy my mom finally got a new house that she loves, but sad to leave "home".  

So we decided to dedicate this fabric line to that place we love- on Road 15.  That address will always hold a place in my heart- it will always be "home".

About a year ago (which seems like a long time), we asked you to provide us with your address.  Of course, there is one print in the line that has all those addresses.  Well, at least I hope it has all the addresses.  You never know in the printing process where things have to be cut, but we really tried to include them all.  

Here it is, Road 15.








I have a few personal favorite prints.  First, of course, the addresses:


Hope some of you find yours in that picture. You can click on the photo to make it larger.  Next, I love the houses:


I really love the houses in black and white:


Actually, I love all the prints in black and white:


The white on white print will be perfect for backgrounds:


I love the squares with the arrows and text:


Then I love combining those squares with the trees:


Those are my personal favorites.  If you would like to win some Road 15, let us know what print or colorway you like best.  We actually got a huge box of scraps (I hate to call them scraps because some pieces are very large) so we will have 3 winners.  We will stuff 3 Priority Mail boxes full of Road 15 fabric for the lucky winners.  We will announce the results later this week.  Good Luck!