Quilt Market and I am SOOO excited!

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Quilt Market was so much fun!  We just arrived home and can't wait to share.  Before I show you the photos from quilt market I will go ahead and give this disclaimer:  I didn't bring my nice camera with me and didn't realize that the photos that I took on my phone were the ones I would have to use on the blog. Duh! I'm not sure what else I thought I was going to use.  So needless to say they are not the best quality!  That being said,  we arrived in Portland on Wednesday afternoon and had the rest of the day to just do nothing!  We did have a wonderful meal, went shopping, and saw the movie Safe Haven.  

The next morning we woke up STRESS FREE!  You see this year we didn't have our own booth. We were included in MODA's Designers Studio with other fellow designers.  MODA put up the walls, installed our floors, and also brought our props.  All we had to do was hang up a few quilts and put a few little things on the shelving they provided and we were done! A little embarrising to say put it took us only 10-15 minutes to have our "booth" ready.  THANK YOU TO MODA FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEART!!!!! (I would have inserted a photo of the Designers Studio but my photo was soooo blurry it was too embarrasing to post). Since there wasn't much prep work to be done we got to enjoy some time with Me&My Sister, Bunny Hill, and American Jane at a pie shop.  On our walk back to the convention store I spotted my new favorite store, Rejuvenation

Tn_107 copy
I have found out that Pottery Barn owns this store which explains a whole lot! I am in the process of remodeling my house and would love to have this store close by ( I am sure my husband is counting his blessings it is so far away).

Tn_109 copy

They have old doors, old plumbing, old hardware ( I suppose I should be saying vintage it makes is sound better!).  Everything I would love to have!

Tn_111 copy

When we arrived back at Market it was time for School House.  Here is Barb of Me&My Sister getting ready to speak with all of her bling. 

Tn_112 copy

If you missed Schoolhouse you are in luck.  You can view the Moda Designers Schoolhouse here thanks to Fat Quarter Shop.

Throughout Quilt Market we saw so many amazing things and talked to so many amazing people I know I should have taken more photos but here are a few highlights - 

Tn_125 copyAmazing booth and lovely bike by Zen Chic

Tn_130 copy

I fell in love with Moda's display of leaves

Tn_123 copy

I also fell in love with Camille's (Thimbleblossoms) quilt.

Tn_116 copy

I learned that Anne Sutton of Bunnyhill is one smart chick.  She carries a comfortable pair of shoes with her for walking and changes into her "wedding shoes" at the booth.

Tn_127 copy

Mary from Me&My Sister was our official map girl.  She always knew how to get us somewhere!

There are so many more people I should have taken a photo of.  Note to self:  Do better next time!

I do have a couple pictures of our quilts we showed 

Tn_131 copy

and we also made a table runner for people to sign to use as a giveaway

Tn_118 copy

We selected the winner this morning and congratulations goes to La Petite Vache.  We will be sending this your way.

Tn_144 copy

Note to self again:  Do better taking photos of our quilts in the booth next year.

Now for the exciting part – WE ARE NOW DOING INSTAGRAM thanks to this lovely lady

Tn_136 copy

Vanessa Christenson you rock!  Thanks for all of your help.  She may have started a bad addiction but I can think of a few things that are worse to be addicted to.  So, we will still be posting on our blog but we will also be using instagram to keep in touch.  I will let you in on a little secret we will be using instagram more than the blog.  Why you may ask?  Its simpler! Follow us on instagram @sweetwaterfabric

Last week we promised that we would give a pack of our new patterns away.  We have randomly seleted

Paige who wrote – I love Sunnybrook Lane! It's nice to see something different like that!  Great Job!

Paige please email us at info@sweetwaterscrapbook.com with your address and we will get your patterns to you.

Have a great day!!