Paying for my laziness.

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

I knew this would happen.  Last week before Quilt Market everything was in a frenzy.  As it usually is before market.  A million things to remember.  I million things to pack.  And I got tired.  And a little bit lazy.  I convinced myself not to take my super-duper heavy, super-duper big, super-duper expensive camera to Kansas City.  I really didn't want to drag it on the plane, deal with the lenses and make sure I knew where it was at all times during our trip.  Besides, I have an iPhone, right?  

Well, if there is one thing I learned at Quilt Market, it is I am really, really bad at taking iPhone photos.  Maybe I should read a book or manual on that.  I thought you just point and shoot.  Well my pointing and shooting just ended up with a whole lot of blurry pictures, which no amount of Photoshop will help.  So instead of spending the whole day editing really bad photos, I decided to just post the few I have that are somewhat, sort of decent, in their own really bad way.  




Okay, that's it.  4 photos.  Sorry to overwhelm you.

So instead of photos, I will just tell you a few highlights of our trip.

  •  First of all, my mom needs to find some really, really good shoes.  Seriously.  I don't care what they look like.  She doesn't exactly have the greatest feet to begin with, but she needs to remember that cute shoes are secondary to comfortable shoes.  Especially at a trade show.
  • My sister and I need new clothes.  Or at least one of us needs new clothes.  So we don't look alike.  Our closets consist of only a few colors.  White, grey, navy blue and black.  That's it. And since it is close to summer, we forget the black.  So that leaves only white, grey and navy.   I don't know why because we love to change up the colors in our fabric lines.    It looks a little funny when we both have white pants and navy sweaters on.  And, no, we didn't plan it.  For the 100 people that asked.
  • Jack Stack Barbeque is a really, really good place to eat.  I just went to their website and discovered they have mail order.  Oh my.
  • The best part about Quilt Market is that (as tiring as it is), it revives us.  Sometimes I feel as though we are isolated in our office, in front of our computers or sewing machines.  At market, we actually get to talk to people, get feedback and think more creatively.  Speaking of thinking creatively, we have a fabric collection due next week.  Yikes.
  • And even though I'm completely embarrassed about the photos, and I swear I'll bring my good camera next time, I can't completely promise that.  I know we will be just at busy, just as frenzied and it may just cross my mind that the iPhone is just fine.  We'll see.

I have a few other things to tell you today.  First, here is a peek of our Label Crew kit for June (which ships next week!)

We call it Lucy's Beach Bag.


It is made from Lucy's canvas and has pockets on each side.



But my favorite part about this bag is that the sample is lined with our coated fabric.  It will be perfect to take to the beach or pool and throw all those wet bathing suits in.


We will post the kits in our store next week- they will also be available in green, navy and orange.  For more info on our Label Crew, please click here.

Finally, even though we are knee deep in Lucy's Crab Shack, our Mama Said Sew patterns are ready and available in our shop.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend- we will see you next week!