Our Old Glory Antique Show sneak peek

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Way back in February I came to work and immediately overheard my mom and sister discussing what we were taking to the show.  Show?  What show?  Turns out it was The Old Glory Antique Show in Denver.  I then quickly and completely realized they had both lost their minds.  The reasons:

  1. First of all, we don't exactly sell antiques. 
  2. The show was only a few weeks after Quilt Market.  
  3. Susan's kids would be out of school and she would be running them to and from the 3000 activites they have planned each day (okay, that was a bit of an exaggeration). 
  4. Good friends of ours are getting married that very same weekend (they obviously forgot that).
  5. Don't we have enough to do?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Most importantly, just what the heck are we going to sell?

Because of these reasons I thought for sure this event was going to be one of those projects we say "what were we thinking" after the fact.  We have a lot of those.  They actually deserve a whole post of their own.  Probably a whole week worth of posts.  I'll get to those someday.

Anyway, I was wrong.  We will make it and have plenty to sell.  Not quite sure what we are going to do about the wedding yet- but I'm sure we will figure it out. 

The show is in 2 weeks.  From now until then, I will give you some sneak peeks into what we will be taking.  I love, love, love this first item.  Mom whipped these up this morning.


We are still inspired by numbers.  This is a tote bag made from burlap with hand painted numbers on the front.  The inside is lined with newprint fabric.


The inside of the bag.


The matching pillow.

If you can't make it to the show, we just posted them on Etsy. 

Keep checking back- I will continue to post about the products we will have at Old Glory.

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