Our Favorite Things From Old Glory

In Decorating, Favorite Things, Life, Quilting by Lisa Burnett


We had a great time at the Old Glory Show in Denver this weekend.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) we sold most everything we had in the first couple of hours.  While this was great for us, we soon realized we didn't bring nearly enough. 

With all that time on our hands, we had plenty of opportunity to visit other booths and find things we loved.  Here are some highlights.

Quilts.  Lots and lots of old quilts.  Is there anything better?




I loved one of these so much I asked what the price was.  You never know.  $595.  Well probably not today.  Or tomorrow.  Or next year.  But you can always dream, right?

Next up, old furniture.  These two pieces were my favorite.  I love this color blue on the table.



I have a thing for old bicycles.  This red one caught my eye.



No doubt, these two were our absolute favorites of the show.  Cash's only job was to just be cute.  He did a pretty good job.


Here is our most adorable sales girl. Ever.  She also did a great job entertaining her cousin.


It was a long day, but so much fun.  Even tired out Cash.  He can be very stubborn about going to sleep!


We will have more of our favorites from the show later this week. Have a great day!

posted by Lisa