Our Day….

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Today, my sweet husband came to pick up this little cutie so I could get some serious work done.  Before he left, I wanted to take a few pictures of him playing with his loaders/tractors/trucks before he went off with Daddy to play with the real loaders/tractors/trucks.  He usually doesn't  want me to take his picture, but today he told me he would smile.  I never even tell him to smile, because I really want to capture him as he is, smiling or not.  But since he volunteered, I was happy to take smiling pictures.  Except he didn't really smile.  He must of accidentally watched some modeling documentary because his idea of smiling was to tilt his head to one side.  In every single picture.


There's another 25 where that came from, but it is just kind of redundant.  Silly kid.  Anyway, we had a whole entire working day without the kids so we had big plans.  Time to design fabric.  We've had plans to design fabric for a few weeks now, but something (like a whole lot of work and 3 active kids) always gets in the way.

So here is how it goes.  We pick a theme.  We choose colors.  We revise the theme.  We choose different colors.  We argue about the theme.  We argue about the colors.  By now it is noon and we have had 5 different themes and 15 different color combinations.  We eat lunch, go back to theme number 1 and revert to our original color scheme.  But whatever didn't work the first time still doesn't work.  So we are back to discussing (arguing) about the whole entire thing and attempt to go in a totally different direction. 

So here we sit- me in front of my computer screen and my sister in front of hers.  I know she is totally stuck when she starts playing with her hair.  First she starts twirling it like this:


Then she grabs it:


She then pulls it in front of her eyes so she can inspect it.  The final step- if she sees any split ends, she pulls them out.  Just yanks on them.  Thank goodness she has the thickest head of hair known to man or she wouldn't have any left.  I didn't get a picture of the last two steps because she was already irritated with me for sneaking in the first two.

So here we are stuck.  Trying to come up with something brilliant.  Trying to make sure it is different than any of our other lines.  Trying to invent some color combination that is totally fresh and new.   

I decided to sleep on it.  Maybe it will come to me in my sleep.  I'm hoping she's got it all figured out and she will just tell me what to do tomorrow.  I'm pretty sure she's hoping the same thing. 

Oh well.  I'm not going to stress about it too much.  It always happens this way.  And eventually, we get it.  And somehow she still has some hair left.