Okay- These Are My Favorite

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett


I know a couple of days ago I said the little wool bags were my favorite project of our Hugs and Kisses feature.  But- I think these are now my favorite.  These Valentine post cards are a cinch to make and so fun to send.  There are 5 in the kit:

Tn_val postcard1
Flip the card over, and you can insert the address information with a pigma pen.


These cards are meant to be sent in the mail.  If you are brave, you can just adhere a stamp directly on the fabric and drop it in the mail -hopefully the stamp won't come off!  I think I might sew the stamp on and there should be no problem. However, we give you another option by including clear envelopes in the kit so you can see the address through.  Either way, they are super cute!  They are on our Etsy site now.

Okay, for some bad news.  We had planned the Hugs & Kisses to go on for 9 days.  However, some fabric we need for our last project hasn't arrived, so we won't have a kit for tomorrow.   Check back either on Friday or early next week and we should have it up.

Have a great day!

-posted by Lisa