In Design, Quilting by Lisa Burnett


So here is a full look at our next collection. First, I will explain how Noteworthy came to be.  There were two ideas behind this collection.  We sort of combined them.
First has to do with our love of Pinterest.  I actually don't spend much time on there anymore (mostly because I was wasting a lot of time), but when we were working on this I was on Pinterest everyday.  I noticed a lot of pins had to do with "Bucket List" items.  I loved reading those and thinking about things that were on my bucket list.  This led to the print I showed you last week:  (Remember you can click on the photos to get a larger picture)


We listed a lot of our personal bucket list items and hopefully some that you find inspiring.  I was this close to asking our blog readers (you) what was on your bucket list so I could include them in the design, but I ultimately decided that particular activity wasn't on my bucket list (it could have killed me) so I refrained from doing so.
The second thought in this collection is that we wanted something that was completely fun and reminiscant of doodling. Remember when we actually took notes in school?  Like with pencil and paper? My high school and college notebooks were filled with swirls, lines, flowers and a lot of these:


I used to love making those curly-q things.  I also remember our phone book received a lot of doodling when I was growing up.  (On a side note, one of the kids asked me the other day what a "phone book" was.  I had to explain that we didn't keep "contacts" in our smart phone.  We actually had to look them up in a book.)  At any given time, the outside would be covered in this (I call these chicken scratches):

Another favorite shape to doodle was circles or bubbles.  I never knew that someday these would make terrific fabric backgrounds:

I finally got to include my favorite flower in a collection.  We actually designed this print a few years ago, but didn't use it because it just didn't "fit" into a collection.  I think it finally works!


Here is one of my favorite prints in the collection:

Here is a close up.  The white one is my favorite.  It looks so pretty in real life:

And just some more photos of the collection:



Oh, I almost forgot to mention the birds.  Love the birds.


We just happen to have some pre-cuts of this line and we are willing to part with one (or two) of them.  If you would like to win one, simply leave us a comment.  You can comment on the collection or better yet, tell us something that is on your bucket list.  That would be fun to read!  It's a little late to include them in the fabric design, but I still want to read them!  We will choose a winner later this week.  Good luck!
Almost forgot- the fabric will be available early next year.  I'm thinking about January.  Perfect.  I'm sure by January, I'll be needing some of this to get me through the winter!