Not Holding Out Anymore…

In Contests, Life by Lisa Burnett

Most of you know I don't do Facebook.  I know, I'm old-school, behind the times and generally just not with the program.  I still don't do Facebook. 

If I had a dollar for everytime someone said to us, "Sweetwater should have a Facebook page", well you know, I would have about 9 dollars.  And I think to myself, why?  We barely have time to keep up with our blog, orders, e-mails, designing, our Label Crew (which goes out today) and all the other miscellaneous things we come up with.  Why do we need Facebook?  I figured our blog keeps us in good contact with most people.

Facebook.  Even though I don't use it, I do realize it is a viral thing- where if someone "likes" you, all of his or her "friends" are alerted to that fact.  Which could be fantastic.  Lots of exposure without a lot of money. Good idea.  But still, I have no time for Facebook.

Until last weekend.  Summer hasn't come to our neck of the woods.  Or spring for that matter.  I swear I saw snowflakes on Saturday night.  Anyway, while I was stuck in the house for the 42nd weekend in a row because of lousy weather, I had the grand idea to actually start Sweetwater's Facebook page. 

I found out setting up a "Fan" page is not exactly the same as setting up a personal page.  There are way too many rules.  I don't get why you have to have a personal page to set up a business "fan" page.  But you do.  And you can't do all the cool things on a fan page as you can do on a personal page.  I couldn't tell you what those "cool" things are right now, but I was mighty frustrated for about 24 hours.

But, alas, Sweetwater officially has a Facebook page.  So in case you don't get enough of us on our blog and twitter, you can now get basically the same information on our Facebook page.  What's more, all 3 are interconnected, so you will never miss a thing!  I think that once we blog, it is updated on our twitter account, which in turn updates our Facebook- where Facebook automatically retrieves our blog posts and re-posts them.  Aren't you glad you know all this?  I am being pretty sarcastic about the whole thing, but it really just makes me laugh.  Why we need all this stuff is beyond me.  But I had this glorious idea on Saturday, and I am willing to give it a try.

Oh, and here's a thing I didn't realize.  Before I was finished setting everything up, we already had comments on our Facebook page (how did you even know we had one?  So confused).  And questions.  Oh goodness, I didn't know that would happen.  I did respond, but it was kind of late.  Sorry!

Sooooo….if you want to help me out on this, and if you "like" us, I am inviting you to actually "like" us on Facebook.  So all your friends know that you "like" us.  I'm still laughing as I write this.

But of course, I don't expect you to "like" us without getting a chance to win something. 


So here's the deal.  If you want to win 3 of our new charms (your choice), simply go to our Facebook page, "like" us, come back here and leave a comment that you did.  Also,I would appreciate any Facebook "tips" you may have.  Especially if you have a fan page.  What types of things should I post?  Should it be different than things on the blog?  Do I need to post all of the photos I have on the blog on Facebook?  So many things I just don't know.

If you don't do Facebook, you can enter, too.  Just leave a comment on why you don't.  Goodness knows I don't- well I didn't.  Until now. 

We will pick a winner later this week.  Good Luck!