My Mom’s Favorite Blog…

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My mom is into blogs.  Like really into them.  I'm not sure what she did before computers, the internet and blogs.  She did have a lot of magazines.  But blogs are free.  And they don't clutter up the house.  There are 3 she visits nearly everyday:  The Pioneer Woman, The Lettered Cottage, and her absolute favorite:  My Sweet Savannah.  Oh how she loves My Sweet Savannah.  Whenever she tells me about something she found on the internet, there is a 90% chance it was from Savannah.   So today is a very exciting day.

A few weeks ago, my mom took a chance and contacted Melaine from her favorite blog and asked if she would like to give away one of our chalkboard prints on her site.


So we were thrilled when she said yes- and today is the day!  If you would like to win one of our prints, just visit My Sweet Savannah– you may also become an addict like my mom!

Have a great Monday!