My First Quilt

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

It is a little scary participating in Camille and Carrie's "My First Quilt" blog.  My mom's first quilt (that she designed, made and sold patterns for) was created 23 years ago.  It was her first pattern for her company, Farmyard Creations.  Now reread those last couple of sentences.  Make sure you notice the word "sold".  She actually sold these patterns.  Lots of them.  I'm sure that pattern was solely responsible for a few months of groceries for our family. 


The name of the quilt was "The Gang's All Here".  Don't get me wrong.  I am thankful for the ol' Gang, but I sure do make fun of it.  First of all, I'm not sure it can even be classified as a real quilt.  Notice there is no quilting on it.  My mom laughed this morning as she told me she used fluffy batting.  I don't even know what fluffy batting is, but I guess it's funny.  The best part about the pattern is that it had matching little dolls.  Unfortunately, we couldn't find the dolls to take a picture, but I sure can remember them.

Now for her latest quilt, "Count to 9".  Just a little different.  Definitely something I like, and it even has actual quilting.

Tn_count to 92

Thanks, Camille and Carrie for the fun blog.  For all the details on this fun project, head on over to their sites.  Everyone is invited to participate. They will be posting links to all the quilts on Monday!