My Favorite Quilt & It’s Gonna Be a Fight!

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A lot of people ask us what we do with all our products (quilts, scrapbooks, etc.) after we are done showing them at trade shows.  The answer is they sit around in piles in our office for a few months to make sure we don't need them for something (such as a trunk show at a store).  After the months go by, we finally get around to dividing them amongst the three of us.  A few weeks ago, we all took our Authentic quilts home, and believe it or not, it was easy.  We each secretly wrote down on a piece of paper which one we wanted and they were all three different.  Easy Peasy.  No fights.

That was then.   This is now.  Next fall when you hear the screams coming from Colorado, that's us.  Me and my sister.  Fighting.  About this:

Tn_pure white flowers2
Tn_pure white flowers3

This is my favorite quilt.  Not just my favorite "Pure" quilt.  But my favorite quilt.  Ever.  Well, it is a tie between this one and our "Make Life…Fresh" quilt.  But anyway, it is my favorite.  I love the simple cream and tan colors and I love, love, love the three dimensional white flowers.

Too bad it just happens to be my sister's favorite, too.  Too bad for her.  I'm sure she is thinking the same thing.  The name of the pattern is "Pure Happiness".  At least one of us will be happy!

And to make someone else happy, we are announcing the winner of our Mother's Day Coffee Cozies.  The lucky winner is:

Heidi F. who wrote:

Just a couple days ago – my 10 year old asked me "What do you want for Mother's Day?"…. it made me so happy that he thinking ahead.. and on his own. That was gift enough for me – he loves his Mommy!!!

Congratulations, Heidi.  Please e-mail your mailing address to and we will send you the prize.

We will be posting more of our "Pure" projects in the next few weeks.  Hope you enjoy "Pure Happiness" as much as I do.  Happy Wednesday!