My Favorite Favorite So Far..

In Design by Lisa Burnett

Tn_IMG_0381 copy 
I absolutely love, love this picture!  The best part is that it is customizable! 

Tn_IMG_0386 copy 
Do you see where it says BURNETT????  We can put your last name, your friends last name, or any word in that spot.  I just think this would be a great gift for someone and for yourself for that matter.  Another cool feature –


Do you see the faint gray lines on the graphic label?  That is where the embroidery and applique goes.  Yep the lines are already there so you don't have to transfer any lines to the picture before you start embroidering!

You can also give this picture another look by tea-dying it!
Tn_IMG_0387 copy 
Either way I love it!  The only bad part is that Burnett is not my last name it is my sisters (I always knew she was the favorite!).  I guess I better get busy!

So it is real easy –

1.Order the Christmas Graphic Label Here!
2.Leave the name that you would like on the label in the comments section after you order
3.Get the label in the mail
4.Embroider and Applique the label
5.Attach the label to your chosen background
6.Place it in a frame
7.Wrap it up and watch them smile
7.Keep it for yourself!! (Of course if it had your name on it and not their name!)

Make sure to come back on Monday for more 12 Days of Christmas Fun!