My BIG flop and day 2 of Twelve Days of Christmas

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Flop, Flop, Flop, Flop is all I have to say about my BIG Birthday surprise I planned for my mom!  I was so proud of myself – I thought I had come up with the perfect all time best present for my mom.  I happened to check out the Pioneer Woman's blog (whom my mom loves and tries out all recipes featured) and found out that she was coming to Denver (just 1 1/2 hours from our house) for a book signing to promote her new cookbook.  The date that she was coming – November 2nd just two days before my mom's birthday.  Perfect!  I told her not to plan anything for November 2nd but didn't tell her where we were going.  I was so excited and thought how fun it was going to be to see my mom's face when she realizes that she was going to be able to meet The Pioneer Woman!  I was going to buy her the cookbook when we got to the book signing.  Everything sounded so great!

I get to work one day last week and happened to check the e-mails – guess what I found? A nice little receipt from Amazon.  My mom had ordered the Pioneer Woman's Cookbook  the same darn cookbook I was going to give her!!!!!!!  So I thought maybe it won't get here before we go and I will be safe. But a new little note came from Amazon stating that it had been shipped! Then the big Colorado blizzard hit.  It was my saving grace!!!!  We got a third little note from Amazon stating that Severe Weather in Colorado has delayed the shipment of the cookbook – Yea I Say, I am Safe!!

So, I get to work yesterday thinking that I need to find a place to take her out for supper before the big event.  I ask my mom where she wants to eat and by the look on her face (she doesn't hide anything very well) I knew she knew where we were going.  I said , "You know!"  She replies back -" Well, I couldn't help it.  I looked at the Pioneer Woman's blog and saw she was coming to Denver and knew instantly!"  I guess I can't be too mad at her for that. She was very excited but I really had wanted to surprise her!

Three hours before we were going to leave for Denver guess who pulls in?  Mr. UPS man! Yes, the book had arrived.  I guess the storm wasn't severe enough to hold it up for a solid week!  But, I wouldn't let her open it or look at it or bring it to the signing because I was going to buy one for her at the store (This comes back to bite me later in the evening)

So, we are off to Denver my mom, sister, friend Cristi, and myself ready to go meet The Pioneer Woman!  I had called the bookstore that was hosting the signing to ask if we needed to purchase tickets or if we just showed up?  They kinda sounded taken back by the fact that I thought that we would need tickets and replied that they were expecting a very small crowd.  I was overjoyed - more time for us to ask questions! I also thought to myself I really don't think this bookstore knows who the Pioneer Woman is and what kind of a following she has.  The store also stated that there would be plenty of parking in the parking garage adjacent to the store.  Oh my were they WRONG!!!!!  We get there and the parking lot is so jammed packed of cars full of Pioneer Woman Roadies that we get stuck in the garage with nowhere to park and can't turn around.  My sister and I told my mom and Cristi to get out so that they could at least go in and maybe save us a spot.  After many moments of frustration in the parking garage we got out and found a place to park on the street a few blocks away. 

My sister and I finally get into the store only to see a HUGE HUGE line.  I thought how are we ever going to find Cristi and my mom.  Then I rememberd that Cristi is about 6 feet tall so we just had to look for someone really tall.  We found them!!  But then the fifth flop begins –   The bookstore has ran out of books!  You have got to be kidding!!!!!!!!  I told you that me not letting my mom bring the cookbook that she had ordered was going to bite me later. Yep, no cookbooks left.  So we thought why would we wait in line for her to sign our cookbook since we don't have a cookbook!  We got out of line and happened to catch a very little glimpse of her answering questions before she started signing cookbooks.  We were able to snap this photo but couldn't hear what she was saying –


Yep, not the best picture but it is her!!! We couldn't hear her or see her since we had to kinda push our way up just to take the picture and then get out so we went home.  I have no other flops to share with you about the great Birthday Surprise.  I do know that my mom will always remember it though!

2nd Day of 12 Days of Christmas
I don't know how the 2nd day of our 12 days of Christmas fits in with the above story but just to say that this project is FLOP proof.  It is simple easy and fun – Fabric Covered Balls

Tn_IMG_7313 copy

This kit will come with all supplies to make 6 fabric covered balls like the ones pictured above.  Fabric is from our Authentic and yes even a small bit of our new Make Life line!!!!  Visit our Etsy site to order yours today.

Have a Flop Free Day – Susan