My BIG disappointment, and My BIG dilemma

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My disappointment is definitely not earth shattering but it really made me sorta sad!

You see my favorite thing about Valentines Day is those little conversation hearts ( I know some of you probably think they are quite disgusting!) so I was so happy when my mom said that she had some –

Tn_IMG_0961 copy 

They look the same – same color, same little sayings
Tn_IMG_0956 copy 

But they don't TASTE the same nor do they SMELL the same!  I look at the back of the package and this is what I find –

Tn_IMG_0964 copy 

New enhanced flavors – strawberry, grape, green apple, lemon, orange, and blueberry.  I don't want the new enhanced flavors, I want the "original" much blander version of the coversation hearts.  I really want the original coversation hearts back!!  Has anyone seen them???????????? 

Now onto more important things –  my BIG dilemma!  We had so much fun reading all of the comments from you all in regards to favorite things that a child has said.  Many of them made us laugh and some were very touching.  I could read those stories all day!  So the Big dilemma was, who do we pick???  So we decided to pick one really touching story and one really funny story –

The winner of the heart pillows is Kelly Todd who wrote –

I work with cardiac kids at the Children's Hospital here in Denver and I had one of my patients say the other day that God forgot something in his heart so he came down when he was sleeping and unzipped him, (the scars from an open heart surgery look like a zipper on your chest) fixed him, and then zipped him back up.

Thanks Kelly for your service at Children's Hospital!!!!

The winner of the wool bags is Catherine S. who wrote –

My 3 year old daughter was touching a breakable item on the low-boy in our dining room. I asked her nicely to stop – three times in a row. The fourth time she touched it, she grinned at me and my eyebrows went up. She said, "Mom, you have to be quiet – Max (the neighbor baby) is trying to sleep!" I stated to her I didn't say anything. She then replied to me so matter-a-factly, looking down at the ground and frowning, "Your eyebrows are too loud!"

Kelly and Catherine e-mail us with your mailing addresses and we will send them out!

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