More Authentic Decor And A Sweet Sale

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Another weekend- another project.  Here is a great idea for $10.  We found this lamp with the shade included at Wal-Mart (yes Wal-Mart) for only $10!  The shade was plain and kind of boring, so this is an easy way to jazz it up.  Besides the lamp, the only other materials you need are a small bottle of decoupage, fabric and some fusible web.  Here are the directions:

  • Place a piece of paper over one section of the lamp shade and trace the curved lines with a pencil.  Cut out on the traced lines.
  • Lay the pattern on your desired fabric and trace around the pattern.  Repeat this for each section in your shade.
  • Cut out the fabric on the traced lines.
  • Decoupage the pieces of fabric to the lampshade right over the original fabric.
  • Cover the edges of each piece by ironing 3/4" wide fusible web to strips of 1" fabric.
  • Cut the strips to 1/2" wide.
  • Decoupage the strips over the edges that meet on the sections. The fusible web will keep the edges from fraying and gives it a finished look.
  • For the top and bottom- iron fusible web to lengths of fabric that fit the circumference of the top and bottom edges, making the strips 1/4" wide.
  • Decoupage the strips to the top and bottom of the shade.
  • You can give the entire shade a final coat of decoupage if desired.


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-posted by Lisa