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Best for last, right?  Just teasing. We love all the Moda designers.  It is the last day of the Moda Love Blog Tour, and we are sharing it with some of our favorite people, Barb & Mary from Me and My Sister Designs and Jan Patek.

If you haven’t stopped by before, welcome!   We LOVE being a part of Moda.  Here are a few other things we LOVE.   Well, things I love- my mom and sister might not love these things as much as I do, but I’m writing the blog.

I love football.  You know this if you have ever stopped by before.  I try to contain my excitement and not write about it too much.  But this is about things we love, right?  And the team? Well, you know who that is.



I love watching these two show animals.  I could do that every day of the year.


I love going to Disneyland with this little guy.



As far as quilt related things, here are some things I love.  These are my favorite quilts.




Oh ya.  There is something else I really, really LOVE.  Fabric.  Specifically, our newest collection, The Boat House.



It’s my favorite.  But it won’t be in stores until December, so I will love on this one a little.  Elementary.  This one is in stores now!


Now to some of the questions that Moda provided.

What fuels you to create?

This may sound strange, but designing fabric can sometimes be a lonely job.  I mean, my sister, mom and I do it together, but at times it feels isolated.  We spend so much time on each collection, trying to make it perfect.  Then it goes out in the world.  You don’t know where it goes or who sees it and who makes the decision to actually spend their hard earned money on our designs.  That part seems a little lonely.  But when someone actually shows you what they have done with the fabric, and is genuinely excited about what they created with what you spent so much time on- that fuels me to create.  It could be something as little as an Instagram post, where someone is excited about a quilt they just made with our fabric.  Someone who is really appreciative of what you created.  That is what makes me want to create more.

What  is the best part of your design process?

Coming up with the theme and arguing with my mom and sister about it.  Just kidding.  We don’t argue about it.  Well, maybe just a little.  But the absolute best part is when we receive the strike-offs.  Those are the first samples we see of the collection.  That day is like Christmas!

I love the color……

Aqua and navy.  I know that is two colors.  But I love them equally.  Just like in The Boat House.


This project features a layer cake, charm pack or mini charm, but what is your all time favorite moda precut? 

I love them all.  But my favorite- I would say Jelly Rolls!



I would love to spend a day with…..

Peyton Manning.  Seriously.  Told you I loved football.

Now to the project.  All the Moda designers used one basic pattern and a pre-cut.

To get the free pattern, click here.

This is our version.  We used the mini-charms to create a mini quilt.

IMG_9853_1 IMG_9855_1

You really need to visit all the designers’ blogs to see what amazing things they did with this one basic pattern.  If you missed any of the days, here are the links:


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The best part is you have a chance to win one of 3 Elementary pre-cuts!  Just leave us a comment letting us know something that happened today that you LOVED.  You only have today- tomorrow we will choose the winner!

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by!