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Yesterday, my daughter started on her 4-H sewing project.  This is her first year and she has decided that she wanted to take sewing as one of her (many, maybe too many) projects. For the first year they can make a skirt with an elastic waist band – infamously known around our house as the pert skirt. This made both me and my sister start digging out our past 4-H sewing projects.  There we were pulling out the beauties and laughing harder at each one!  We just had to share –

This is the very fashionable 2 piece green paisley pant outfit that I made.  Please notice the nice tapered legs and the nice pleated front –


I wish someone would have clued me in about being too matchy matchy with the top and bottom pieces of my outfit.  But it gets better with this next picture –


No this is not a close up of the front.  It is the back!  There is no stop to the pleats – they circle around both sides of the pants.  Very flattering, pleats in the back and a bow to boot!  We were children of the 80's but I don't even know if it was in style then!

Here is the proof that I did indeed make these pants –


Outfit #2  The Little House on the Prairie dress.  My sister thought it would be a grand idea to put it on so that she could take a better picture of the details.  For some reason I agreed but said, "No head shots!" –


I sure hope the bottom layers looked better than that – it sure is uneven!

Nice puffy sleeves with shoulder pads –


and the gathered drop waist –


and the picture of the dress 20 plus years ago –


My sister, Lisa picked out her favorite – The nice polyester blend house coat dress that she made.  This was made with both a Strech & Sew pattern and Strech & Sew fabric.  I remember as a child my mom had tons of these patterns.  She even made us all matching swimming suits from these patterns (not to mention the green leisure suit she made for my dad)!


She does do nice work on the buttonholes –


and we also found pictures of us at the style revue with our duds .  Couldn't find a picture of Lisa in this dress but did find this picture of her modling her nice green pleated dress (we sure were into pleats!).-


So on to the next generation of 4-H sewers.  I am sure in many years on down the road, my daughter will get the same laughs that we just enjoyed about our projects!

posted by Susan