Little Pail…..Little Pail Day 2

In Design by Lisa Burnett

I wanted to come up with a cute little song to share with you about this pail but I got NOTHING! My brain must be done for the day.  I like to sing - I sing in the car, I sing to my kids (they roll their eyes), I sing when I am cleaning, I sing when I am playing games, I just like to sing.  BUT one catch I only sing in front of my family I don't want anyone else to have to listen to the off tune, pitchy, etc. etc. singing voice I have.  So no song about this cute little pail (If you come up with one do share!)

Tn_IMG_0156 copy
These cute little pails would make a great gift or would look so cute at a place setting for your Easter Table.  We are selling the kit to make these pails and does include the fabric to make all 4 of the pails.
You can find them here!

Tn_IMG_0158 copy

Happy Sewing and Singing! – Susan