In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

We have been super busy with all the orders from our first Sweetwater Ink products, but we couldn’t resist letting you see the next series.  Kitchen towels!  Kitchen towels are something I desperately need.  I use mine until they are just strings.  Stained, ratty strings.  It’s embarrassing if anyone comes over to eat at my house because, inevitably, they are going to see my kitchen towels.  So…..I’m stealing these.  But they are so pretty, I might have a hard time using them.  Maybe just for company.  And maybe just let everyone know they aren’t really to dry the dishes.  They’re basically to look at.

Honestly, the towels should be used.  They are super high quality and the printing won’t fade.  Besides, they are super fun and quick to make.  When I say “make”, you really don’t have to make them.  The printed towel comes hemmed and ready to go.  However, if you want to dress them up with some fabric, it makes them even cuter!  When you order one of our towels, you get the option of just leaving them plain, or using the included fabric to embellish them.  If you choose not to embellish the towel, you still get the cute fabric and can use it for something else.  Win-win!

Like the Ink Swatches, our first collection of towels are Christmas themed.  They make great gifts for a teacher, friend, hostess or yourself!  There are six designs:

Also- we thought it would be fun to make up some Halloween Ink Swatches for bags, mug rugs, pillows….. One design can even be personalized for your favorite trick-or- treater.

Just like the Christmas Ink Swatches, you will receive a free downloadable link when your order arrives so you can make all the fun projects.  We also made up a limited amount of Halloween colored fabric bundles that you can order with your Ink Swatches.  Everything can be found here.  Have a great day!