June Celebrations

In Decorating, Life by Lisa Burnett

June around our house is full of Celebrations.  Both of my children are June babies and my anniversary is in June.  Today to be exact – Happy Anniversary Dan!!!!!  13 years of bliss.  If you count the years that we have been together we are at 19  – more than half my life.  Yes, we are high school sweethearts and I couldn't imagine my life with anyone else!

A few years ago, my daughter (who hates pink and had a pink room) said, " When I turn 10 I want to re-do my room!"  Since it was a few years off I said "OK".  Well the few years went by and she turned 10 a few weeks ago.  She never forgot about the room so it was time for the big re-do.  She loves red so that was an easy decision for color choice.  We started by taking off every little bit of pink on her bed and replaced it with this –

Tn_IMG_1303 copy
Tn_IMG_1313 copy

The pillowcases had some embroidery work done
Tn_IMG_1304 copy 

 and the sheets had some work done too!
Tn_IMG_1314 copy 

 I found this cute little lamp shade at Target and put it behind her bed on a cute little table - 
Tn_IMG_1308 copy 

On the ceiling I hung some cute paper lanterns
Tn_IMG_1309 copy 

 and then added some chalkboard paint to the walls
Tn_IMG_1316 copy 

 For her birthday, my mom made her this cute little bean bag chair 
Tn_IMG_1323 copy 

 Of course I need to do a few more finishing touches like adding a bulletin board and shelf for her trophies and ribbons.  I know what I want to do I just need a little help from my husband so I am not sure when it is going to get done.  I may just have to tackle the project myself!
Tn_IMG_1318 copy 
and then I need to finish the picture area - this area needs a little help but I will get to it!
Tn_IMG_1301 copy 
All in all everyone was happy with the room.  EVERYONE BUT –
Tn_IMG_0344 copy 

Yep my son Bryce.  He thought it wasn't fair at all and he had a birthday coming up too!!!!  So my mom made him these cute pillows for his room and gave them to him on his birthday this past weekend. 
Tn_IMG_1327 copy 

I think they turned out great and he loved them too!  Now for the walls – I had seen the American Flag made out of baseballs at Red Robin and I thought that would be perfect for his room.  I counted to see how many balls were in the picture and there was over 200.  That number didn't shock me until I started looking for used baseballs to make the picture out of and calculated how much that was going to cost me.  The number of baseballs that I was going to use for his room instantly shrunk!  I purchased some baseballs on eBay which was the first time I had ever purchased anything on there.  I have to admit using eBay was A LOT of fun – maybe too much fun for me!  I just received the baseballs this weekend
Tn_IMG_1332 copy 
Now I have another project to complete – Wish me luck!  I will post a picture of it when I finish (hopefully it will be done by his next birthday!!)