It’s Moda Blog Hop Day!

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Today it is all about the letter S…….. Sweet, Sassy, Special letter S


At Sweetwater we love letters because they form words and words are our favorite thing to put on fabric!

From our very first line of fabric "Authentic"


to "Hometown"


to our most recent line "Wishes" we always find a way to incorporate words.


The letter is very special to us because we are


We had a lot of fun making our "S" block


so we made many letters to make the word


the name of our newest fabric collection.  Make sure to visit all of the blogs during the moda blog hop to collect all of the letters so that you can form your own favorite words.


The letter S block can be found here.

Now on to our questions –

My letter is….  S
What are your initials?  SAK (yea I have an S!) My mom's KAE and my sisters LMB
My favorite memory about school….  Summer Vacation (school wasn't my favorite thing!)
My favorite movie ……  I was sooooo lucky to get the letter S because my all time favorite favorite movie is Sweet Home Alabama


What if everyday was a holiday?……


Do you have a quote or motto you live ( or work) by? 


Somewhere I have been……  Safeway (our local grocery store) I live a very exciting life!


Somewhere I want to go……  Savannah, Georgia


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And last but not least – the giveaway!!!!

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A BIG thank you to Moda for supplying a layer cake and a fat 1/8 bundle for us to give away.  Just leave us a comment with your favorite letter and word starting with that letter and you are entered!  Winners will be chosen on Friday the 28th.