Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas – Day 4

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

It really isn't looking like Christmas – 75 degrees today!!!!!  After the blizzard last week this is sooooo nice.  But, we do have this cute stocking kit to show for Day 4 of the 12 Days of Christmas


The stocking is made out of the canvas from our Authentic line and the top band is cotton from Authentic.  Included in this kit is all of the supplies to make the stocking even a yo-yo maker!


if you have ever wanted to make yo-yo's


the little yo-yo maker will make it super easy.  I have always seen yo-yo's wanting a whole quilt out of them.  But, then my mom showed me how you have to make them and I said, "NO, thank you!"  But with the yo-yo maker I think that I may be able to do it. (Does that sound like an infomercial or what?) Seriously it is a snazzy tool!  You can check out this kit on our Etsy site and we also have added additional labels for the Make Life Bucket Tote's on the site as well.

posted by Susan