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From listening to the news, I know that many of you are experiencing this –

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 This is the river that is near my house and I just shiver when I drive by

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I really shivered when I stepped out to take this picture!  Let it be known that I DO NOT like cold weather – it makes me sad.  I long for the days when you can walk outside and not have to bundle yourself or your kids from head to toe.  I honestly do not know how you people who live up north deal with this all winter long?????  We are lucky here in Colorado,it can make it to 60 degrees in the middle of winter if it really wants to but right now no chance for awhile according to the weatherman.  So to deal with the long winter nights I have taken up knitting.  When I was a child I always wanted to knit so I would try and try but I could only get about 2 rows done because my yarn on the needles would become soooooooo tight that I couldn't get it off and I would just give up (so would my mom I think she thought I was hopeless when it came to knitting).  But it is winter and I needed something to make me happy so I thought I wanted to try that knitting business again and –

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I did it – I was able to get the yarn off the knitting needles and I completed my first scarf!  I am hooked for sure.  My husband started calling me grandma and then my kids proceeded calling me grandma as well. I don't care – I love it!  My favorite part of this scarf is the little ruffley thing at the bottom –

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I found this cute pattern on Fiber Wild and I also found a cute knitting blog called Pickles.  You just have to check out this bean bag they call Puff Mama!

On to the contest – At Quilt Market this past fall all of the Moda designers had triangle squares at their booth that featured there newest fabric release.  Everyone at market would then go to each of the different booths and pick up each of the different designers triangle squares and could then complete a quilt out of all of the different pieces that they had picked up.  For inspiration, the moda designers each created a quilt using these squares.  These half square triangles were made using a paper piecing technique from Laundry Basket Quilts.  Here is the quilt that Sweetwater featured using these squares –

Tn_IMG_0037 copy
Tn_IMG_0034 copy
and guess what??  We had some squares left over and are going to be giving them to one of you

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They are already sewn and ready for you to use.  All you have to do is tell me how do you cope with winter?  I know some of you enjoy winter, so tell me what it is that you enjoy. 

I don't know about you but Mexico is looking pretty good right now!!!  Have a great weekend we will announce the winner on Monday.

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