I’m gonna brag a little….

In Favorite Things, Life by Lisa Burnett

About my Christmas present!  This has to be one of my most favorite presents of all times.  First off I have to tell you a few things -

#1  It helps to have a very creative mother
#2  It helps that that same very creative mother can sew, knit, paint, etc.
#3  It helps that the creative mother knows my style

Well, I happen to have that creative mother and this is what I got –

Tn_IMG_0449 copy 
This fun huge tote filled with all sorts of goodies.  I wish I would have taken a photo of it before I started to dive in and unwrap all of the goodies inside of it.  But, I was too excited and the last thing on my mind was to take a picture.  I was being selfish and I wanted to see what was in it!  The first thing that caught my eye was that this canvas tote was hard and not floppy like many totes made out of canvas.  It stood all on its own!  How did she do it????  She put a layer of varnish on it after it was all sewn up - very clever of her!  Another side of the tote had the year 2010 on it -
Tn_IMG_0450 copy 
And then this is what was inside –
Tn_IMG_0451 copy 
My most favorite plates that I had spotted at Target a few months ago
Tn_IMG_0452 copy 
Black measuring cups and behind the cups is the hand knit pillow she made for me!
Tn_IMG_0453 copy 
A knit throw (she didn't make this one but it is very, very cute!  I think this was kinda a gift to herself because I am pretty sure she was sick of me borrowing hers)
Tn_IMG_0455 copy 
A cute little creamer!
Tn_IMG_0459 copy 
And finally a picture of the letter "K" for my last name.   

OK I am done bragging for now!  And yes, my sister got the same exact thing!  Lucky her too!!  I can't wait for next year!!!! – Thanks Mom