I am in LOVE!

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I am in LOVE with many things but I am really in LOVE with this scent - 

Tn_IMG_0577 copy

I sure wish they had smellivision so that you could enjoy this smell!  My mom gave me this cute little pack of countertop spray, dish soap, and hand soap for Christmas.  She got it at Williams Sonoma and I must say it is my new favorite smell.  Like most things that I really like, I have a hard time using them.  But I have noticed that my family doesn't have a hard time of using it at all!  In fact I don't even think they smell it after they wash their hands with it.  YES, I want them to wash their hands but NO I don't want them to use the good soap.  Don't they know it is just for looks!?!?  Just kidding!  But, I do realize now that I better start using it myself before it is all gone!

Speaking of LOVE – Valentines day is right around the corner.  To help you prepare, we plan on having a new project each day this week to help put you in the spirit.


Today's project is this cute little phone case (there is a seperate pocket for credit cards, money, etc.)

Tn_IMG_0567 copy

Tn_IMG_0573 copy

We are offering the kit in 4 different color ways - 

Tn_IMG_0565 copy

All available on Etsy!