House Cookies

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

I was at Target this past weekend and I felt like I was about a week late.  You know, from getting in on all the good stuff from Magnolia’s Hearth and Hand.  Oh well.  There were a couple things left, so of course I bought those couple of things.  Here is one thing I got.

If you can’t tell, those are cookie cutters.  I thought they were so cute.  I also thought they went perfectly with our first Sweet T Towel Club towel.

Houses and houses!  So cute.  I thought I was pretty clever and told my mom all about the cookie cutters.  She looked at me like I was ridiculous.  She then proceeded to tell me I didn’t need a cookie cutter to make house cookies.  Well I need cookie cutters to make house cookies.  Apparently, she doesn’t.  Within about 40 minutes, she whipped these out.  Without my cookie cutters.

La la la.  Whatever.  I’m still gonna use my house cookie cutters this year.  It was still my idea.  The cookies and the towels.  I’m going to wrap the cookies and the towels up together to give as gifts.  Cookie cutters or not!

Anyway, if you want to make cookies that match the towels, you can either cut them out yourself or get the last lonely item at the Hearth and Hand Target display.  But you will need the towel.  The towel ships at the end of this week in our Sweet T Towel Club.  If you haven’t reserved yours, you can do so here.

Remember, this first month, we are putting in a sweet little gift for our first subscribers.  The kit to make this cutie:


Happy Tuesday.  And make some cookies!