In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

If you follow our Instagram account, you know that yesterday we posted this photo.



That was from our fabric collection called Hometown.  The collection came out over five years ago and remains one of our most popular collections ever.  So we had an idea.  We can’t tell you the idea or it would ruin the surprise.  But we are putting a fun twist on “Hometown” and need your help again!  We need you to submit your hometown by making a comment below.  

I also need to let you know that we made a mistake and apparently we aren’t very good at Instagram.  We received several hundred comments on Instagram yesterday letting us know all of your hometowns.  Unfortunately, we can only retrieve the most recent 150!  I have tried everything- downloaded third party apps, contacted Instagram,etc to get all of the comments.  Whatever I do, I can only get 150!  So, if you submitted your hometown yesterday on Instagram, make sure to submit it here too.

Thank you for your help and have a great weekend!