Holey Jeans and Contest Winner

In Life by Lisa Burnett

No, holey jeans has nothing to do with the contest winner who by the way is #17 who happens to be Asiyah who wrote – My grandmother raised me so my favorite childhood activity was tending to the garden with her. I would love to win this because of that memory and also because we just redid my daughter's room in a Bloom theme. My husband event installed a little white picket fence to her wall. Thanks for the giveaway!  Congrats Asiyah, e-mail us at info@sweetwaterscrapbook.com with your mailing address and we will send it out to you.

Now on to the holey jeans! 

Here is a picture of my son Bryce –


and here is his jeans –

Tn_IMG_1386_1 copy

I know this may be the style to have holes in your jeans but I didn't buy these that way and yes I have bought some for myself with holes.  But for him, he wears the knees out of every single pair of jeans that he has.  I dug a few pairs out of the dirty clothes to take a picture of –

Tn_IMG_1395 copy

I know we have a few more pairs that look the same but you get the idea – they all look the same holes in the knees.  This is why we have holes in the knees –

Tn_IMG_1387_1 copy

he is constantly farming.  My living room is one big field and I don't dare move anything because he is usually in the middle of harvesting something or another.  You would think that I could do something with them like make them into shorts or something but he refuses to wear shorts!  So, I wanted to get him some new jeans for school.  I bought these probably a week and a half ago and guess what?

Tn_IMG_1397 copy

a hole surfaced – Oh well, I wouldn't want him any other way!!

posted by Susan