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get over these winter blues!!!!  By show of hand how many of you are sick of this cold weather?????  Yep I see them all raising.  My husband even said to me the other day, " This cold weather has got to go – you are getting grouchy!"  I guess that is my hint to lighten up a bit and think about the good things of winter!

I guess I will just have to keep thinking about - Sunkissed! I thought about posting a picture of what it really looks like outside today but who really wants to look at that?  I would much rather dream of this –
Sunkissed 3 

and yes there is 1 lucky winner today of the charm pack of Sunkissed –

The winner is Audrey who wrote –

Your new website is beautiful, just like everything y'all do. Amazingly good work, and I'd be honored to sew up something charming with your squares. Thanks for another chance!

Audrey e-mail us at with your mailing address and we will send it right out.

Thanks and have a happy day!!!