Have you ever –

In Life by Lisa Burnett

had potates like these???????????

I have  – last night.  Potates have to be my all time favorite, favorite food.  There is nothing that I like better than potatoes (in the food category that is!).  Last night, I made a roast.  I like my roast to be brown so I added some browing sauce just like I always do.  I then added my potatoes to the roast about a couple hours before supper like I always do.  When it was time for supper, I pulled out the roast and potatoes and oooooooops!  That doesn't look like it always does.  I must have added something extra special to get the potatoes that black.  I thought I should have added a sign next to the bowl of potatoes that said "POTATOES"  just so everyone would know what it was.  The good thing was they tasted just fine – you just had to close yours eyes while you were eating them!

As a side note – we just got some "Make Life" fabric in and have made some kits of our Make Life patterns.  You can find the kits here!

Tonight I am going to try baked potatoes!