Happy Belated Birthday to my sister………

In Life by Lisa Burnett

I am not going to tell you what birthday she just celebrated for fear of my life but I will say it was a special one. 

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Special enough that her husband remembered it for one and then planned a surprise party for her!!  The party happened to be in her favorite town – Las Vegas!  She knew she and him were going but not  the remaining 13 of us.  Her husband was sooooooooo proud of himself for pulling this off!  The surprise didn't go quite as planned.  When Lisa and her husband went to check in at the airport she put in her credit card to get their boarding passes and what pops up on the screen?  The names of everyone going on the trip!  Oooops!  Needless to say we all didn't get to yell surprise! I have no pictures from the trip because I didn't want to lug my camera around – (I know, I am pretty lame!).  Anyway, we had a great time and thanks to Jay for planning it!  Back to work we go!!