Freshened Up Folding Chairs

In Decorating, Life by Lisa Burnett

Everytime we have more than a few extra guests at my house we have to bring out the folding chairs –


Yes, they are very old but they do serve the purpose!  The holes in the cushions help to affirm the fact that they are very aged.


These chairs came from my husband's great uncle so they also mean something to us.  However, there comes a time when something just has to be done to help these poor things.  Not to mention, they really (thank goodness) do not match the decor in my house.  So I bought some black spray paint to start on the transformation –


Pleaded with my mom for some canvas from our new authentic collection (she seems to have it under lock and key) and covered up the nice greenish/brownish vinyl seat.


I was so happy with the results – only thing is now I have 3 more to do and not enough fabric.  Guess I will have to wait until September till I can get some more.

posted by Susan