Finally! Our new blog is here!

In Life by Lisa Burnett

We know, we know.  We should have had this blog up long ago.  As much as we read and enjoy other blogs, you would think we would have enough time to get ours up and going.  So here it is:  the Sweetwater Blog. 

The purpose of this new blog is to celebrate all things we love; the people, events and things that shape our lives and inspire our designs. 

Here are just a few topics we are planning in the next few weeks:

  1. Sharing our design process
  2. Introducing new products
  3. Fun contests to win free products
  4. Free downloadable goodies
  5. Sharing our favorite handmade products on Etsy
  6. Decorating Ideas
  7. A glimpse into the day to day life at Sweetwater

Thanks for stopping by- hope you enjoy the blog.

-posted by Lisa