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I'm finally back.  My sister, of course, has been blogging for the past week.  But I haven't posted anything since the demise of my Broncos.  You may remember I said if they didn't win I would be too broken hearted to blog.  Well, I was devasted.  I know that is a strong word.  But that's what I would call it.  However, that isn't why I didn't blog.  Something else bad happened.  Not in the realm of my beloved team losing, but pretty bad.

My computer died.  And when I say died, I mean dead.  Gone.  No more.  I could feel tears coming when the computer repair guy told me he didn't think he would be able to save anything off my hard drive.  He then noticed my devasted face and said, "okay, I will try again".  I'm not quite sure he understood that my whole life is on that hard drive.  But when I said, "I don't care how much it costs", he was a lot more willing.  And he did pretty well.  I didn't get everything, but some is better than none.  That will teach me to back up my files more often (yeah, right!).

Anyway, I'm a little late posting our Valentine product for today.  The reason for that is I'm just setting up my new computer and it is taking me longer than I thought.  But I have an hour more in this day, so I will call it good.

Today our product makes a perfect Valentine's Day gift.  We have new canvas art prints that coordinate with our Noteworthy fabric line.  

The Bucket List:



Noteworthy bucket listcard
Bloom- this one can be customized with any name or word- I think it would be perfect for a little girl!


The next three are quilt prints- they would look great in a sewing room.  My mom has all three (in red) hanging together in her new house.  They look really good in a group and come in a lot of different color choices- red, black, pink, orange, yellow, blue, gray or green.  



 Ohio Star:


Two by Two:


They are available in our Etsy store now.  

Have a great day (or night)!  See you tomorrow.