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Do you ever feel like you are just losing your mind because nothing is going right?  Well, that is today.  Or the last week, really.  My computer crashed last week- there is nothing worse!   So the whole process of getting a new computer, restoring my files, e-mail, whatever, lasted about a week.  I was ready yesterday to get to work.  But, no.  I couldn't get my software on my new computer.  Without boring you with all the technical details, the bottom line is:  I CAN'T DO ANY WORK!!!!

So, while I promised a new Easter project for yesterday, I couldn't get it up until today.  I am sharing a computer with my sister.  Which is not ideal, but will be okay for today.  So anyway, here is our next Easter project.  A cute egg, with a pocket to place silverware, goodies or whatever you can think of!

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

The fabric kit includes enough to make 4 eggs.  Everything is available in our store now.

Hope you have a great weekend, and I'm hoping I get to work next week!