Fellow Quilter

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While we were at Quilt a Fair in Longmont many people admired the quilting on our quilts and were wondering who had quilted them.  I wish I could say well it was me, but I can't!  The very talented Brian Clements from Wray, Colorado has been quilting our quilts recently. He uses a Gammil Statler Stitcher he has named "Artie". We piece the quilts and say to ourselves, they look good.  Then when we get them back from Brian from being quilted - we are in LOVE with them! 

Tn_IMG_1106_1 copy 

One of the best parts is that we never tell him what kind of a design we would like – he just knows!  He has a great eye for design!  Here is one of the most recent ones he has done –

Tn_IMG_1108 copy 
I just love that little flower design!  This quilt is actually out of our new Sunkissed fabric.  Hopefully, we will be able to show you the entire quilt soon!!!

Brian has exhibited at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum, and the Museum of the American Quilter in Paducah, Kentucky.  This past spring, he won 3rd place at the International Machine Quilters Showcase (MQS) in Kansas City, MO. And just a few weeks ago, he sent two quilts to the Haxtun Colorado Corn Festival Quilt Show, and brought home 7 ribbons.  Congrats Brian!!!!!!

If you are wanting more information about Brian you can find him here!