Feed Company

In Fabric, Quilting by Lisa Burnett

Say hello to Feed Company.  Our newest collection.  This one was easy for us.  It pretty much is us.  It reminds us of some of our favorite things- feed sacks, apple pie and county fairs. We took photos last week and just so you know, we had big ideas of using hay bales, old pickups and cowboy boots.  BUT… who knew that mosquitos in September are the size of bumble bees and number in the millions?  So the fun photo shoot turned into a 5 minute, hurry up and get this done session.  Still had lots of itchy bites, but it was worth it! Oh- and we even got to eat that apple pie!


Here is the red.  Because you can’t have a farm-girl, county fair- type collection without red, right?





And the black.



See the “sprout” print?  I love, love, love that one!





My sister designed this print that resembles feed sacks.  It is actually the centerpiece of the collection.  Once that was finished, all the others were designed to complement it.





The recipe print is one of my favorites.  Mostly because all the recipes are award-winning from our own county fair.  Try the sugar cookies, you will thank me.  And the gingham.  Love it. Gingham goes with everything.  I checked- everything!





Here is the pie we rescued before the mosquitos got it!


It may be hard to tell in the photos, but this collection has both black and navy.  Because when we designed the black bandana print, we couldn’t help to think that it would be cute in navy, too!







The quilt under that stack of fabric is now on its way to the quilter.  Can’t wait to show you when it is finished!  We actually have several quilts to show you in the next few weeks, and as always, you will have a chance to pre-order a kit.

Feed Company will make its debut next month at Quilt Market in Houston.  However, it won’t be available in stores until next Spring.  But we do have a little bit we can spare- enough to have a contest!  If you would like to win some Feed Company, just leave a comment about the collection.  We will choose a winner next week!

One more reminder- we will be in Longmont, Colorado this weekend for Quilt-A-Fair.  Hope to see you there!