Feed Company Quilts!

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

We will be leaving for the International Quilt Festival in less than a week- and amazingly, we have our quilts done with a couple of days to spare!  We are so excited to go- especially since we missed the Spring Market in Pittsburgh.  It feels like forever since we have seen anyone (in person) in our industry!  But before we leave, we wanted to share our quilts with you. By the way, we took these photos on Wednesday.  Which was the absolute nicest day we have ever taken photos.  75 degrees and not a breath of wind.  It was an amazing day to live in Colorado!

First up is Farm Girl.  This one is our take on beloved half square triangles.  The twist is that they are different sizes.  Kind of like a size ombre’.  I really don’t think that is an actual thing.  I just made it up.  I want to take this one on a picnic.





Next is “Best in Show“.  This one totally reminds me of a County Fair!




This one is called “Barn Raising“.  It is a modern log cabin big, bold and oh soooooooooooo easy!  It also allows us to get several different prints from “Feed Company” into one quilt.






The last one is called “Every Which Way“.  I will admit that when I first saw the digital version of this one, it wasn’t my favorite (my sister designed it- sorry!).  But when it was finished, I was in love.  And it is totally my favorite.






To celebrate that we actually finished the quilts with time to spare, we are having a contest.  Just leave a comment and let us know your favorite pattern.  The winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to our store!  We will pick a winner next week.  Good luck!

And, as we do with every collection, we are offering kits of the quilts.  If you haven’t ordered a quilt kit from us before, here is how it works.

  • If you would like a kit, you need to pre-order it.  The fabric will be here sometime in February or March.  We need to place our fabric order to Moda in just a couple of weeks, so we need to know how much fabric to get to make sure everyone that wants a kit gets one.
  • Payment for half of the kit is required at the beginning of the pre-order.  We will charge you the remaining cost (plus the exact shipping) right before we ship the kits.
  • Backing kits for all of the quilts can also be pre-ordered.  They work the same as the quilt kits- 1/2 is due when you order, the remaining, plus shipping, is charged right before we ship the kits.
  • The quilt kit includes the pattern.  You do not need to buy the pattern separately.
  • You can order the quilt kits until November 1st.  After that date, we can’t guarantee you will receive a kit if you would like one.

Please contact us if you have any questions on the quilt kit pre-orders.  You can pre-order the kits here.  Or if you prefer Etsy, you can get them here.

Have a great weekend!  Mine will be spent stressing over what to wear to Quilt Market.  Well, mostly, what shoes to wear to Quilt Market.  That dilemma never changes!