Feed Company BOM Is Back!

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

But you have to be fast!  Ever since we stopped taking subscription orders for the Feed Co BOM, we have been getting e-mails about if we would offer it again.  The answer is yes!  But here are a few conditions:

  • If you would like the embroidery blocks, you have to pre-order them.
  • You can purchase one or the entire set of 12.
  • They will all ship in May (not month by month).  We actually make the printed blocks ourselves.  It’s one of those “what were we thinking” kind of things.  It is time consuming, but so much better if we do a whole bunch of them at once (instead of making a few each day when orders come in).  So we will take all of the pre-ordered blocks and make them together.  Also, May is when our subscribers will receive their final blocks.  We won’t send any newly ordered blocks before the BOM subscribers get them.
  • You only have a couple of weeks to get your order in.  This is a limited time offer and will end in early April.
  • You can get the entire set of 12, or choose just individual blocks.
  • The pattern is available separately.
  • We are completely sold out of the fabric to finish the quilt.  This may be the biggest point.  If you want the Feed Company fabric to complete the quilt, you can find it at local quilt stores or a variety of online retailers.  Here is something you should know though- Feed Company is selling very quickly at many stores!  If you want to make this quilt out of the fabric shown, I wouldn’t wait too long to get your fabric.  Here are the fabric requirements that you will need:


Just so you aren’t totally confused, this is what you need to make the Feed Co BOM

  1. The pattern.  It can be found here and is available as a download.
  2. The embroidery blocks.  They will only be available for a couple of weeks and can be found here.  If you order the entire set of 12 blocks, including one personalized block,  it is less expensive than ordering them separately.  The entire set is available here.
  3. The fabric.  Check the fabric requirements above and purchase it from your favorite quilt store or online retailer.

Also, these blocks are perfect for making towels and pillows.  Here is one we created.  It was actually the lazy way, as we didn’t even embroider the block.  But it looks cute, anyway!


We used our Mini Charm Pillow pattern and a mini charm pack of Feed Company to make the pillow.  We would love to make a pillow using the custom block, but haven’t found the time yet!


Here is a look at the other individual blocks you can purchase:












Here is the fun part.  Leave us a comment letting us know your favorite block, and you may win one!  We will choose 3 winners next week.

One last thing.  We did receive our shipment of Feed Company from Moda this week.  We are cutting, cutting, cutting trying to get your kits in the mail!  If you pre-ordered a kit (either the BOM fabric or one of the Feed Company quilts), you can expect it soon.  Have a great weekend!