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We are so excited to show you our newest fabric collection.  But before we do, a little background about the collection.  Remember this?


As some of you know, that is Authentic.  Our very first fabric collection for Moda.  I have a special place in my heart for that collection- and one special shelf at our office has the last stack of Authentic fat quarters known to man sitting on it.  But we aren't going to actually use it.  We are going to look at it forever.  

Which leads me to Elementary.  When we started designing, we knew we wanted something Authentic-like.  Mostly because we get so many requests to do Authentic again.  However, we really try to keep things fresh and we want each collection to have it's own identity.  So we really couldn't do Authentic exactly the same.  

What we did do was keep the black, cream and kraft colors.  But we switched the green out for our current favorite color- the perfect blue.  The result?  Something that reminds me of Authentic, but with a little twist. 

Meet Elementary.  (For a larger view, just click on the picture).



The prints are school-themed, but not juvenille.  The alphabet, rulers, math equations and calendars are things you would find in an Elementary school.  They are, in fact, Elementary!

Here is a closer look at some of the prints in the three different colorways.  First, the black and cream:


Next, the tans.  Or I could be fancy and call it kraft.  Or sand. Or biscuit. Whatever you call it, it is a color we haven't used in oh….5 years!  When I put this stack together, I fell in love.  I think I missed you tan.  Or kraft.  Or ecru.  


Finally, the blues.  Oh how I love this color.  And, yes, I know that print with the text is upside down.  But the wind is blowing soooooo hard today, so I'm thinking it's just fine.  Meaning I'm not redoing the picture today.  Or tomorrow.


I just thought of something.  If only I could grab that stack of Authentic fat quaters and mix it in with Elementary- I would be in heaven.  I could really go for the blue and green mixed together.  But if I did that, I would be in some serious trouble.  Then we couldn't look at it on the shelf.  Oh well.

I wanted to show you one of my favorite prints in the collection.  We love, love, love, the ombre trend and wanted to try just a little of that in this collection.  We chose just one print.  It is very subtle, but I think it looks so cool.  Here it is in black:



Here is the entire collection again, with the colors all mixed up.


Now, the fun part.  If you would like to win some Elementary fabric, just leave us a comment about the collection.  Maybe your favorite print.  Or colorway.  Or if you prefer the blue in Elementary or the green in Authentic.  We will choose a winner on Friday.

Elementary won't be in stores until August or September, but we did design some Elementary quilt labels.



And while you have to wait months for the fabric, the labels are available now on our etsy shop  

Thanks for looking- we are back to Easter projects tomorrow!