Day 8

In Favorite Things by Lisa Burnett

Happy Friday!  Not only is it Friday, it is Day #8 of our 12 Days of Christmas.  Today is one of my favorites.  It requires no cutting, pinning or sewing.  These come ready made!  Today we are featuring our Christmas Charms:







Here are just a few reasons I love these charms:

  • Put one on, and you are instantly in the holiday spirit.
  • I love to layer them on a chain and come up with different combinations.
  • I have a tiny Christmas tree that I put on a shelf in my kitchen.  This year it will be decorated with charms!
  • I'm dressing up my boring, black purse by slipping one of these onto the zipper.
  • I have an instant gift for those people I always forget!
  • For somebody really special, I can tie one of these cuties to the ribbon of their gift.

Okay, you get the idea.  I'm sure you all can come up with your own uses.  You can get them here.

Now, to my favorite subject of the day.  All of you non-football fans can tune me out- I don't blame you. But, since my team hasn't been worth 2 cents for years, I am now remembering how everything gets better when the Broncos win.  Which they haven't for a long, long time.  I'm just remembering the feeling.  I told you #7 was lucky (see yesterday's post).  I'm not the only one happy.  Here is my favorite girl in the whole world right before they left for the game yesterday afternoon:


She was very, very happy.  Now see her brother in the very corner of the picture (I didn't get a good picture of him because he wouldn't get out of the pickup).  He is not so happy.  In fact, he is very, very sad.  The Jets are his favorite team- the reason they went to the game in the first place.  I feel your pain, buddy.  Just not today!

Okay- done with football.  I promise.  For a while.

We are taking the weekend off from our 12 Days of Christmas.  Well, not really.  We have another 4 days to get ready for.  But we won't be back to blogland until Monday.  See you then!