Day #7 – The Twelve Days of Christmas (My Favorite!)

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One of my most favorite memories of Christmas was when my mom got out the Advent Calendar on the first of December.  She always got the one with the mouth watering, 10 -year old chocolate hiding behind the windows of the calendar.  I didn't care what the chocolate tasted like.  Opening up that window was magical to me- Christmas was one day closer.  I did have to take turns with my brother and sister, so my turn only came around 8.33 times every December.   Which leads me to our new, improved version of the Christmas Advent Calendar:


Our Advent Calendar (which we call the Christmas Countdown Kit) strings together 25 little bags that can be used to hold treats, little games or fun messages for your children.  You can string it in a doorway, down a staircase, or across a fireplace mantel.  My favorite idea is to fill the bags with goodies and place it on my son's breakfast plate each day of December.  I know, I know (my sister is now rolling her eyes), this idea won't work for my son before he is two.  First of all, he would just throw the bags and secondly, he refuses to eat breakfast.  But—– I will use it someday.  After all, when I was little we opened our little chocolate filled windows at the breakfast table.  It was inspiration to get me out of bed (which was and continues to be extremely hard).  Here are other views of the project:




You can view and purchase the kit here.

On another note- the nice editors at Quiltmaker Magazine were kind enough to send us an image of our block (see our last post for more information). 


Stop by tomorrow- Day 8 of our Twelve Days of Christmas!

-posted by Lisa