Day #7

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday.  We are more than half-way done with our 12 Days of Christmas.  I can't believe how fast this goes.  Which got me thinking about how many days were actually left before Christmas. I know it's more than 30- but not by a whole lot.  Oh where does the time go.

Anyway, today's project will help you keep track of those days starting in December.  We have a new countdown- and it features houses.  

To be fair, this wasn't totally our idea.  A few months ago I was contacted for permission to use a photo from our house pocket pattern on the blog Here is that photo:


We were happy to let them use the photo, and so thrilled to see what they did with it.  You can view the houses here.  

So, of course we thought that would be great for our 12 Days of Christmas.  We revised that pattern slightly and made it in holiday colors.  Day #7 is our Christmas House Countdown.


Each house has a pocket to place a fun treat for every day of December.  Unfortunately, we have no treats here today.  Nothing.  Not even a little candy bar.  So you will have to imagine something like a cute candy cane in this pocket.


The kits are available here.

Tomorrow is another day and another project.  See you then!