Day #5

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

My mom spent last weekend in Oregon at Hollyhill’s Christmas event “Homespun & Holly”.   She jumped the gun just a little and posted her project on Instagram.  Which caused us to get a lot of emails about where in the world that project is on our site.  We were going to wait for next week, but we decided to move this project up.  Here is our project for Day #5- our Christmas Transfer Towels.





In the fabric kit, you get instructions, toweling and one of the iron-on transfers.  You can then choose to add embroidery, or keep it plain.  If you haven’t used a iron-on transfer before, don’t worry.  It is super fun and easy- and we will give you great instructions.  You can also purchase the transfers separately (without the toweling) in case you want to get creative and put them on something else.  I think they would be really cute on a bag or just framed.

You can find everything here or on Etsy here.

Sorry for the short post- 12 Days of Christmas is exhausting around here!  See you tomorrow!