Day #4

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

It's Day #4 of Countdown To Kisses.  And we have another one.  Yep.  Another one of these.


Some of you may think, "Another kitchen towel?".  And the answer is yes, another kitchen towel.  The reason?  When we release one, we really can't keep them in stock.  So, besides the fact that they are really cute, super easy to make and make a great gift, everyone seems to love them.  So here it is again!

We also created 3 new labels to coordinate with this one.  Of course, the labels can be used on other things- on a tag, a homemade Valentine or framed.




Everything is in our store now.  Please keep in mind that the labels, patterns and fabric kits are all sold separately.  So if you have the pattern, you can just get the kit, and then you can choose any label you wish.  Have a great Thursday.  See you tomorrow!