Day #3

In Quilting by Lisa Burnett

Day #3 of our "Countdown to Kisses" is a cute kitchen towel:

Tn_IMG_1277 copy

The best part of this project is the technique.

Have you ever wanted to embroider on dark or heavy fabric?  It can be almost impossible to trace the design on the fabric, even with a light box.  Or maybe you would like to embroider something, but just don't want to take the time to trace, period!  With this technique, you won't have to!

The kit includes an embroidery transfer sheet with the graphic printed on it.  All you do is adhere the transfer to the fabric (it has a tacky back, so no need to iron) and stitch.  When finished, simply place the embroidery section of the towel in cold water and the transfer dissolves, leaving just the embroidery!  So cool.


We are becoming a little addicted to this. The towel kits and additional transfer sheets are available on our Etsy site now.  See you tomorrow!